Thursday, August 4, 2011

{VACATION & Craft Lake City} On My Mind...

I've got {VACATION & CRAFT LAKE CITY 2011} on my mind!
This week has been pretty hectic, co-ordinating more wholesale
orders in my Etsy shop, while packing to go on vacation for a
week with my hubby's family and helping my girlfriend plan the
BABY SHOWER OF THE YEAR! My girlfriend is so crafty
she beats me, hands down 100% her baby shower theme is a
"Vintage Style" with tons of dollies, a vintage sewing machine,
country motifs, great food, decor, jars, vintage cake platters and
plates that she re-purposed and painted herself, everything
under the trees, on a farm, in a beautiful garden amphitheater!
Talk about setting the mood! We've been working on this ALL
week. I'm so excited to see how everything turns out. I'm in charge
of the Cake pops & Cupcakes OF COURSE! I'm also in charge
of the games! We've got 6 games to play, all are going to be so
fun & clever involving everyone's participation, with prizes and
everything! My girlfriend is too cute, with her preggers belly, she
is just 4 weeks away from having this beautiful baby girl, I've known
her for over 6 years now, she fellowshipped me during the time of
my Baptism in San Jose, California, so we are super close, I wouldn't
be where I am today in the Gospel if it wasn't for her and the missionaries!
Find out more about our faith under the category titled "My Beliefs"
to the right on my sidebar, you can read my testimony on!
I'm going down to help her with the cute banners today! We've only got 2
more days to pull this off then Saturday is the big debut with over 50 ppl
attending! holy cow! that's a big baby shower!

On top of all this my main thing on my mind has been of course
{Craft Lake City 2011} after the baby shower and after the vacation
it looks like I will only have 2 solid nights to put together tons of
items to sell! I have everything just sitting up in my craft room,
fabric to be sewn into burp cloths or burp cloth onesie/cupcakes,
wash cloths for Lollipops & Candies, Ice Creams sundaes just
waiting to be assembled! They are expecting 8,000 people to pass
through so I am BEYOND excited about this. Over 150 Artists
all gathered together in one place, soooooo fun! I'm going to be
working on a cute banner to sport at the top of my booth. The
event is at the Gallivan Center downtown from 2pm-10pm tons
of selling time among great artists of all kinds, singers, bands,
crafters, concerts and of course the FOOD vendors are what
always gets me at these events bc I LOVE TO EAT! I will take
TONS of pictures to post and return & report how we did :)
Check out my profile on {Craft Lake City's Artist Site}, I love it!
Anyway, I'm still negotiating wholesale orders on Etsy on top
of EVERYTHING else going on this month! Believe me it is hard
to go shopping with 2 small children. I'm getting so buff from lifting
car seats, strollers & 60 lbs worth of babies! Please note that my shop
will be ON TOTAL VACATION MODE starting from  
AUGUST 6 - AUGUST 15, during this time I will be unable
to ship anything out as I will be away from my business! We will be open
in time for 2 more guest appearances this time on {My World Made By Hand}
and for {Deals Among Moms} I'm so thrilled to be guest posts on these
wonderful blogs! Our shop will be up and running by August 15th PROMISE,
just in time for our spotlights! Woo hooo!!

Here are some pics of a huge order I did for a friend on Etsy last
month, I hope to make this amount of Lollipops or more for Craft
Lake City, these had personalized tags for her girlfriend Audrey,
the ones for the boutique will not come with tags of course!

 Hope your all having an AWESOME Summer! Don't forget to check back with us August 15th!

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  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier, LIlli. Your stuff is gorgeous! I love the lolly pops and cupcakes, but its all so clever. I'll know where to look for baby gift ideas next time I need some!


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